Graduado Pulga

Graduado Pulga has been training Capoeira since 2003. He has traveled to Vancouver and the U.S. to compete, and participate in many Capoeira workshops led by well-known Mestres and Professors. Graduado Pulga participated in Axe Capoeira’s 30-Year Anniversary Capoeira Competition where he places in 2nd place for the Advanced-level category and received his “Corda Marrom-Verde”. Besides his training in Capoeira, he is a certified personal trainer, a student at York University Kinesiology program and has several years of experience in other martial art disciplines such as MMA and Kyokushin Karate. In 2011, Pulga opened his own Capoeira Academy and gym, where he offers classes in Capoeira and many other martial arts. Catch one of Graduado Pulga’s classes at Capoeira Bamba Toronto or visit him at Capoeira Bamba Mississauga.


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Adults Full Class | Feb 24, 2021

In this class start with a Capoeira movements warm-up / workout, Martelo exercise for speed and agility with a partner or in a group...
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6 Min Warmup + Stretch

In this 6 Minute clip from our February 24th class, we warm up and stretch using some common Capoeira moves.

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